A serious podcast with a silly name

My mate Ben messaged me one day to say he reckoned the interviews I’d been doing on this site would make a mean podcast. “Are you offering to be my producer?” I asked him. “Okeh,” he replied. So, we recorded our first podcast. We didn’t have much of a plan, we made the name up on the fly as we recorded that first episode, and it was only after that first recording that we decided on a theme.

“Where are you from?” “OK, but, where are you REALLY from?” It’s often a loaded question, one that I, and so many others dread. And it’s a question that reveals where we see ourselves fitting into our society, our communities – versus where others see us fitting in. It’s not the only thing we talk about with our guests, but it’s how we begin each episode – and the stories go from there.

So, just a heads up, this week Ben & I have released our ‘Snacks and Chats’ podcast. It’s a serious podcast, with a silly name. A five part interview series, and we reckon you’ll be into it.

UPDATE: Thanks everyone who has listened to us so far, you made us the number 1 Society & Culture podcast!

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