Aaradhna Media Showcase

You should all mark down November 9th in your calendars, because this is the day you are going to wake up, brush your teeth, and buy Aaradhna’s album, ‘Treble & Reverb’. Media and industry folk were invited to witness her immense talent in an intimate setting in Kingsland, and no one left disappointed. While shy when addressing the crowd, her presence when singing is bold and captivating, her persona switching with each song. When she pleads with ‘Mr Heartbreaker’ on ‘I’m Not The Same’, an ode, it seems, to depression, you feel like she’s going through it all again on stage, and your heart breaks a little with her. You see her resolve and, dare I say, a little bit of crazy in her eyes, when she sings ‘Lorena Bobbitt’ and it’s amusing to see how much the women in the audience enjoy this song, while the men, though they try to hide it, squirm with just a touch of fear. Aaradhna explained to us that ‘Treble & Reverb’ was borne out of a dark place and, while we were repeatedly reminded by her label bosses that she’s happy now, it’s clear that we are going to benefit from her past despair, because I’m certain that what Aaradhna will give us on November the 9th will be something very special and beautiful indeed.

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    Nice pics Lanz!

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