Hey! I’m Leilani, but you can call me Lani for short, most of my friends do. I live in South Auckland, New Zealand, and I’m in love with strong coffee,The Wire, rap and R&B, dry jokes, and spending all my money on delicious food, lingerie, and travelling with the guy I love.

I began ‘Lani Says’ in 2011, when my partner and I lived in New York for six months, as a way to document our time there. It began as a few random snapshots into my life, but has developed into a place you can come to find in-depth interviews on musicians, mouth watering guides to where you should eat in Auckland, and anywhere else I may travel, the best of the local fashion industry, and personal style, music and life musings. I’ve worked as a radio journalist for seven years, and very occasionally get called on to spend a few moments in the modelling world.

You can contact me here : lanisays@gmail.com

The video below was featured on TVNZ’s IAMTV show, and tells you a bit more about me, and how the blog got started: