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Ugh, I’m yet to master the art of time management, and going off to things after work every day doesn’t help! Here are a few bits & pieces my groggy brain has been enjoying lately – I hope you all enjoy your Easter break – spare a thought for peeps like me still working tomorrow (starting at 5am, waaah!) as you munch on your Hot Cross Buns with melted butter dripping down your chins.

Table Tennis: 

I went round to my sisters the other week and she’d just put a table tennis in their garage – which meant the entire night was spent out in the garage battling my nephews, my sister, Dad and the boyfriend. On Tuesday night we went to Golden Dawn, and to my delight they have ping-pong set up in the outside bar. Again, this meant the entire evening was spent battling the boyfriend and our friends. Can someone make a table tennis tournament happen please? I WANT TO VERSE EVERYONE!!

Purple Tinted:

Speaking of Golden Dawn, the bf and his o.g collaborator, producer/DJ/friend Nick “41” had a nice low-key release of the remixed version of The Rose Tint, Purple Tinted there (Plus Purple Go Tell Your Boys tees!). The remix album is free, or pay what you like if you wish, from here – it’s like a completely new album, really, because he’s completely reworked the the songs in quirky and crazy ways you would never have expected. My faves are the Nothing To Do and Take a Picture remixes.

Mad Men & Game of Thrones:

They’re back!!! Which means Monday and Tuesday nights are always looked forward to, it also means I can get back to reading Alan Sepinwall’s reviews of the shows, which I almost enjoy as much as the shows themselves.

Draw Something:

I know, I’m one of the last people onto this, but watevs, I’m enjoying the shit out of it. I am really terrible at it, mostly because I can’t remember what anything looks like off the top of my head – you think you know what something looks like until you go to draw it, and then you’re like, well that looks like poo. Although I did have a pretty good moment with Garfield. (HOT TIP: google images helps.)

My sister’s baking:

I went round to my sis Talia’s place, you know the one who made all this, the other day to observe her make from scratch mini chicken pies and some kind of tooth ache inducing caramel, chocolate heavenly type of cake. It was all amazing, and I’ve decided I need to showcase more of her stuff on the blog soon!


I’ve been kept super busy after work by going to things like the Stolen Girlfriend Club’s showing, and the Maiike + Co store opening, which was so packed full of people I could barely move, though I did manage to spy some sexy Chaos & Harmony shoes. I’ve been pretty good with keeping my bank balance in check lately but I fear that might change after having gone to the Gorman shop opening in Nuffield Street in Newmarket last night. I think I wanted everything. Like, everything. Also, the lil chocolate mousses they handed out? So freaking good.

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  1. toria boria April 10, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    That Susan Sarandon lady open up a bunch of Table Tennis bars in the states. Like Pool Rooms but with table tennis. Choice eh, beer n table tennis. ya

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