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Image: Lalaine Alano, Hair & Makeup Abbie Gardiner

Sup. How cute is that polka dot onesie by kiwi label Pardon My French? Bring on Summer 2013 so I can wear this and not want to cry from catching frost bite. This pic was from a fun day doing a test shoot out at North Head in Devonport.

Also of note this week, I actually set to and made these chicken pies. I cheated and just bought puff pastry instead of making my own, so I rubbed the cayenne pepper and mustard onto the pastry which gives it an extra tasty kick, and I grated the parmesan cheese and put it on top of the filling before I put the lid of the pastry on top of the pie. The filling made me 24 mini pies and they went so quick I only got to have one, but boy was it freaking delicious hot out of the oven – even if I do say so myself.

Jenna also made the pies which is cool cos I’ve checked out her food blog and she’s pretty much a boss in the kitchen. Check out her blog Operation Yum.

You know who else is a boss in the kitchen? Sarah Leota, who baked up the Third Heaven cake this weekend. So stoked you guys are trying out the recipes put up!

While I’m on that food buzz, I went to the G-field night markets last week, it was mind blasting. I need to go back and document and eat more of the amazing food there. Have you been? What do you reckon I MUST try?

Lastly, my friend Vince is in Jersey Boys. I doubt I would have gone to the show if he wasn’t in it, and I’m so glad I did go because it was great. So, thanks for being uber talented and being in Jersey Boys Vince, that was mean.

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  1. Melly June 18, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    Also made the Third Heaven cake in the weekend! Minus the Toffee pecan was abit faded by this stage! Talia’s Treats are the codes!!

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