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The bloggers at Fashion Fest:

From Left: Nikau, Maddy, Me, Emma and Katherine

Apart from the rad ladies in the pic above, I got to meet all the lovely fellas at Four Eyes and Tiffany Low who is the fashion editor at The Down Low. I was a bit nervous before the Festival began, as this was my first official fashion event I’d covered so I thought I’d be a bit of a Norman No Mates, or bug the hell out of Katherine by being too much of a cling-on, but everyone was so friendly and lovely and welcoming and it was good vibes all round. I can’t wait to cover the next big event and  hang some more with my new internet buddies IRL.

Meeting Mayer Hawthorne:

um, LOL at the above pic. Mayer and I, twiiiins. This was taken at his soundcheck, which was one of two meet and greets my girl Shirl, aka Mayer Hawthorne’s biggest fan, had won. That’s right, she won TWO meet & greets. I’d actually randomly met him last year at SXSW, and I was all cool about it, but for some reason this time around reduced me to the cliche of a silly giggling fan-girl. The soundcheck was fantastic, an actual mini show, and the actual, actual show was even betterer. When he played ‘I Wish It Would Rain‘, I damn near lost my mind. Hey Shirl, remember that time we met Mayer Hawthorne??

Honey Boo Boo Child:

My mate Keshani showed me this video, and we’ve been quoting from it in pretty much every conversation we’ve had ever since. “My special juice is gonna make me wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin”. It’s better than quoting from Precious all the time, right? “I think you tryin me…I think you trying to f**k with me”

The Rose Tint – Taite Prize Nomination: Yep, David’s been nominated for the Taite Prize for a second time, this time for The Rose Tint. Yayayyy.

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