bits & pieces – it’s been awhile

Beignets at The Depot, delish.

I have been on extreme ‘grumpy bitch buzz’ of late. I put it down to these things: 1) the 12 week fitness challenge (aka #fatrobbery) with my mates coming to an end, the last week being the hardest of them all. 2) the bingeing that occurred the week after the challenge, and only exercising once that week probably didn’t help my mood but it certainly helped all my cravings. 3) the bf has been away for about two months now, and he’s still not coming back for another six weeks. That’s basically a quarter of the year he’ll have been away. Wtf. Dis is too real.

Allowing myself a week off from diet and exercise did mean I got to indulge in all the things I’d been missing or had been dying to try – including, but not limited to: 1) The Depot¬†beignets in the picture above for a Monday breakfast, doughnuts dipped in lemon curd is a damn good way to start a week. 2) Numerous blocks of Cadbury Marvelous Creations, my vice being the jelly popping candy beanies. 3) Going crazy at the Pak’n’Save Pick & Mix lolly section – Pak’nSave’s bulk foods section is the best for healthy and naughty foods. 4) Going equally crazy at Hong Kong Bakery. Ah cheese bread and coconut cream buns, how I have missed you so!

MB’s Finest HKB

I was baby-sitting my nephews the same weekend our fitness challenge ended, after putting myself on an immediate sugar high that same Saturday I stayed up past midnight playing ‘Last Card’ with them, and may have resorted to a couple glasses of wine to put myself to sleep :/

Oh yeah, ShirlyShirl, Che and I ran around Panmure Basin twice in one session. I don’t know why, cos we can, I guess. Unfortunately, that’s gonna have to be the minimum from now on. Dammit, why do we have to be so awesome, so soon?

I went to Palmy to visit my Nan, and then my returning flight got cancelled. It was the last flight of the night. The plane had mechanical issues. Oh well, staying in Palmy overnight >>>>> the plane crashing, right?  Plus, the sky is pretty at 6 in the morning there.

And then this happened:

The crew needed to let off some steam, so we did. It was a good ass night and no one got arrested, always a bonus. If you ever catch me with coke, coffee and water the next day, it’s a sure sign I’m ever so slightly hung over.

The End.

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  1. ChaChiTerewai October 9, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

    Yummm I’ve wanted to try beignets ever since i saw The Princess and the frog. Lol

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