So, yeah. I’ve become one of those people who wears arm-bands to put their iPhones in when they exercise. In other words, I’m taking this shit serious man. And yes, this is what I wear to go running/to the gym in sometimes. If you can call what I do running, which right now, you really can’t. I’m into week two of the 12 week challenge I told you about here and it’s been pretty much consuming most of my spare time one way or another. I’ve gotten up at 5 am to go for my gumby-run. I’ve gone to the gym straight after to do squats and push-ups and weights, and I’ve spent the rest of my time hobbling around, in desperate need of one of those hand rails like you find in the disabled toilets to help me sit down and get up. Even lifting the phone to my face was almost asking too much of my arms.

Of all those partaking in the group challenge, I’m definitely the most physically pathetic, I’m the weakest, slowest and probably sookiest too. (I scored a ‘poor’ in the beep test) Which leaves me with the predicament I seem to find myself in when it comes to all physical activities, destined to only ever be in the running for the ‘most improved’ prize. Man I hate that prize, it’s the only sports award I ever get. Just once, just ONCE, I’d like MVP.

In other news, I haven’t eaten a pie in two weeks (wtf. is dis real?) and have hardly touched junk food at all. I have consumed a huge bag of nuts, heaps of fruit and am trying to keep most of my carbs (bagels) to the morning. I’d like to say it’s amazing and I feel great, but really, right now, I just feel tired. Ha. But I’ll keep repeating Floyd Mayweather’s ‘all work is easy work’ and try to believe it by the end of the challenge. If I can get to the point where I can simultaneously run and yell out ‘hard work, dedication’ for 30 minutes or so, I think I’ll be happy with myself. Fail or succeed, I’m sure you’ll hear about it. Better Living everyone. #fatrobbery

4 Responses to EXERCISE! F**K YEAH!!

  1. LuvFit July 13, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    Ha ha, you are awesome Lani, great giggle for my morning. Go hard! LUV the outfit.

  2. lifestyletea July 13, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    haha!! that first picture is the best!


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