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I went to Orleans in Britomart a week or so back and ordered the cornflake chicken waffle, jalapeno cornbread, curly fries with chipotle mayo, the baked cheesecake and the ‘pie of the day’, pecan pie. They will tell you that the menu is designed to share, which is fine for something like corn-bread and fries, but ain’t no way I’m sharing my main. I’ll have the fried chicken and waffle all to myself, thank you very much. Don’t bother sharing a cheesecake either, the size is pretty small, and you’re gonna want that bruleed banana and butterscotch baby all to yourself. I enjoyed everything we ordered, including the A&W root beer, with the exception being the pecan pie, which was way too dry and hard.

Also, can anyone tell me why cornbread over here is always savoury? To be fair, I’ve only had cornbread in New York (do I sound like a dick saying that?) but at all the places I ordered it (Amy Ruth’s, Dallas BBQ & Kitchenette) it was always sweet. I know they do it differently in different parts of the US, but bro, I really want some sweet, sweet cornbread.

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  1. djsirvere October 22, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    Dallas BBQ – I got mad love for that joint

    • Lani October 22, 2013 at 12:06 pm #

      oh man, I have days when I just crave the shit out of that place haha! And their huge ass super strong cocktails. Take me back!

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