Getting lost on the Nike Free Your Run fun run…


Last week I was invited to the Nike Free 5.0+ launch, with a 7 km ‘fun’ run thrown in to break in the new shoes. As far as runs go it was surprisingly fun for the first couple of kms, mostly because we stopped a lot. We stopped to pick up balloons and glow-sticks, play a bit of basketball and catch our breath while watching a dance group. But then the rest of the time was just old-fashioned-no-stopping-type-running. That was a touch less fun. Adventure was still to be had though as my running buddy, Tim Lambourne, and I became lost not once, but THREE times. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m certain fatigue was a factor. We found our way back by spotting a couple of glow-stick decked out runners in the distance (googlemaps who?) and I’m pretty sure we ran an extra kilometre or two as a result, so brownie points for us.


4 nikefyrauckland_dws9176

These guys look serious, I bet they didn’t get lost.

9 nikefyrauckland_dws9225

Balloons! Dancers! But mostly, yay, we can rest!

Apart from the achievement of never running that far before in my life, the other highlight was having Olympic Gold medallist Hamish Carter there at the launch to talk and take questions. He reckons if you can’t hold a conversation while you’re running,  then you’re pushing it too hard and should slow down and enjoy your run a bit more. Good advice, though I reckon if I slowed down to ‘conversation pace’… I’d be walking. When asked about how to get rid of that voice in your head that’s always telling you to stop while you’re running, he eventually concluded that unless you’re thinking of competing in the Olympics, it doesn’t really matter. Ha.

2 nikefyrauckland_dws9035

As for the shoes, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Nike Free 3+4s, it seems they are just as much a fashion statement as a functional sneaker. The 5.0s have more cushioning in the heel and greater support and stability for running. They’re somewhere in between the barefoot feel of the 3.0 and a standard shoe – designed to build stronger foot muscles, and better foot flexibility and balance. And there youuuuuu have it:

Nike Free 5.0 Womens 2





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2 Responses to Getting lost on the Nike Free Your Run fun run…

  1. ellie. April 18, 2013 at 10:37 am #

    Haha, Hamish Carter sounds like the man! Although I’m with you; if I can converse while I’m running, I’m pretty sure I’m probably strolling.

  2. taliakb April 18, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

    Hamish Carter – what a cool dude… “unless you’re thinking of competing in the Olympics, it doesn’t really matter” … shot! I like the shoes. Now that I’ve actually started running, maybe I should get me some lol

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