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The same way Central Park is for New York, Kowloon Park in Hong Kong gives people a nice escape from the city high-rises and moody crowds. However, we went to the park on a Sunday, when it’s particularly busy. This is because Sunday is the only day off for maids, and large groups of them gather at Kowloon park to hang out with their mates and family. Some groups of maids just sit around in large circles talking and eating, others practiced choregraphed hip-hop dance moves and in some groups it looked like they were straight getting on one, having a big party with stereos blazing, and dressed up and dancing like they were at a club. This made Kowloon Park all the more fun and interesting to observe, but I suppose if you’re wanting peace and quiet, then don’t come on a Sunday.


Wearing : Ruby Stardust dressBoohoo rucksack & crispy white chucks.

There’s so much to see in the park; a bird lake with flamingos, a sculpture walk and sculpture garden, an aviary, a Chinese garden and a maze garden, which is where I’m pictured.





Near the Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard entrance is the recently built Avenue of Comic Stars, which features 24 local figurine characters.






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  1. moanaleilua April 4, 2013 at 9:43 am #

    Love the avenue…that figurine has ab muscles everywhere…looks like you and Dave had a blast

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