#InstaMarch 2014 – The List



Yeoowww!! Here is the official list for #InstaMarch2014, thanks to everyone who suggested something for the list, I think I got most of your suggestions in there, and if I didn’t…there’s always #InstaMay2014 haha.

Reminder – the hashtag is : #InstaMarch2014 – this is just so we can track what everyone else is putting up, it’s more fun that way & I love seeing what you guys come up with, and how you all interpret the list.

My instagram is @lanisays you can follow me here, feel free to tag me in your pics if you want – but remember, if you’re private, I won’t be able to see you :(

Also, special shout-outs to Morgz McGhee who reminded me about InstaMarch, cos I probs would have forgotten about it otherwise haha.

This begins TOMORROW (Saturday) eeek! so be sure to share the list with your mates, screen-shot it & save it to your phone, etc. etc. and I will see y’all bright and early tomorrow for the first day of #InstaMarch2014. w00p!!


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