monkey lines are now in season


Do you remember the game you tried to pull the first time you met your significant other? Were you pretty smooth? Or, when you look back at some of the lines you ran, and the things you did to get their attention, do you cringe just a little bit? Whether cheesy or blush-worthy, it obviously didn’t matter, cos’ you ended up snagging them anyway, right? That’s what I love about TLC’s Diggin On You – they’re dissing and falling for the guy in the same breath. There’s something about that person you’re with, that despite whatever silliness they pulled, you fell for them anyway. And they fell for you too. Hopefully you’re still diggin, diggin, diggin, diggin on each other :)

P.S When are baggy pants/tracks and crop tops coming back in? I’ll be all over that shit if someone wants to pop it off for me.

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