Snacks & Chats, Episode 3: Lucy Zee

“You know what fucks me off? The people who made fun of weird foods, are the people today going, “Have you seen that place on Dominion Road? It’s so good. Have you heard of dumplings?” Would you have eaten dumplings when you were 7 years old? No, you were exactly the people making fun of people eating dumplings.”

Creative producer Lucy Zee talks to Lani and Ben about growing up Chinese in small-town New Zealand, needing an apology from the people who made fun of the food she ate as a kid but think they know the good dumpling spots on Dominion Road, running away from strict family life, the beauty of being able to speak Cantonese and the difficulties of dealing with sexism in the entertainment industry.

Also, memes. So much talk about memes, pop-culture references, in-jokes, awkwardness and the Who Is Ben Lawson origin story.

Listen to Episode 3 on iTunes here.

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