test-shoot #blaow

What I look like right now is nothing like these photos, I’m in slippers and the bf’s trackpants and about ready to take my ass to bed after a 5 am start at work, and STILL trying to fight off this cold that’s trying to bring me down. It ain’t pretty. But these photos are. Am I allowed to say that? In my head I still see myself with the short bob I wore for a few years, so it always surprises me a little when I see pictures of myself with long hair. I’m like, ohhhh yeah, that’s right!

Much thanks and shout outs to: Photographer: Karen Ishiguro  /  Make-Up Artist: Abbie Gardiner  /  Stylist: Lalaine Alano – Y’all are a bunch of amazing babes xx See more pics over here and below:

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