that time I modelled under water

That’s me, just modelling under water and shit. I was over at gala darling checking out her Betsey Johnson pic and clicked on the photographers name, Nato Tuke. She’s a, in her words, ‘trilingual, Bonairian raised, fashion-travel-underwater photographer.’ Underwater shots are so cool, and beautiful. Here’s some of hers:


Her images reminded me of my own underwater shots I’d done a couple of years ago. I’m with 62 models but I’m not exactly a big money earner for them, lol, so I don’t have that many shots in my portfolio. They’d called me up asking if I was keen to do a free shoot for a fashion student putting her end of year portfolio together, which meant I’d get some pictures for my portfolio too. The idea of an underwater shoot sounded cool but I wasn’t really prepared for how tiring that shit would be, especially when you’re wearing heavy ass raincoats and heels. You have to try and not look special needs as you sink yourself to the bottom, while trying to get what ever poses you can do in-sync with the photographer, while trying to keep the leggings they had me wearing from falling off completely, come up for air and then sink myself again. Repeat x100. Haha nah, it wasn’t that bad. Got some cool pics for my facebook profile, ha.

up to? 
the underwater running man

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  1. PENZ May 30, 2011 at 12:57 pm #

    Awwww these are cool Lanz – I’ve only seen the top one you did lol
    I like the ‘up to’ one haha

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