Wear Things Wednesday – Air Max


So, today is Air Max Day, which means you should po’ out the champagne and toast to your fave Airs, and wear them too, of course. I’m yet to find a pair of shoes that even comes close to being as comfy as the Air Max, shit is like walking on clouds all day, or light fluffy pillows or something.┬áMy personal faves are the Air Max 1 & Air Max 90 (is that predictable?) (the red & white colourway of the very first Air Max here is so dope), but the bf is a big fan of the 95 & 97. What’s your fave? So, Hari Huritau Air Max, a little older, a little more legendary. Chur.

lanisays_airmax2 lanisaysairmax3

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  1. Sheena March 26, 2014 at 4:57 pm #

    Go Lani!!!!

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