What’s Good in Your Hood : Spycc’s Onehunga

Onehunga : something old, something new #SWIDT

‘What’s Good in Your Hood’ is an idea I’ve wanted to do for ages now. I think everyone, no matter what neighbourhood you live in, will claim their hood is the best at something – whether that be the hood with the best bakery (Mangere Bridge Hong Kong Bakery wuttup!!) or you have the best dairy with the best 50 cent lolly mixes, or the best places to skate or run. Whatever it is, if you’re a local then no doubt you’ll be telling people where to go when they come to your area-code.

This is essentially what ‘What’s Good in Your Hood’ will be. My first ‘episode’ if you will, features one of Onehunga’s finest: Spycc. His EP ‘Self Progression’ is one of my fave releases of the year. His song, Beautiful Garbage, is one of my favourite songs of the year.

Spycc was kind enough to take me on a quick tour of a few places you should definitely check out if you’re ever in the vicinity.

Where: DressSmart Smart Sushi Stand / What to buy: Tuna Onigiri

The first place, which I wholeheartedly co-sign, is the DressSmart sushi stand – but more specifically, the Tuna Onigiri. No where can fuxx with this place when it comes to Tuna Onigiri. Most people come here just for that, and it can sell out around 2:30/ 3 PMish, though the other sushi is nice too. Spycc gets the Teriyaki chicken as well. A couple of tuna onigiri’s, with heaps of soy-sauce (which you have to ask for, btw) and I’m set. They do sell chicken and salmon onigiri too, but it’s all about the classic for me. Def make a stop here.

Where: Summit Cafe, 224 Onehunga Mall / What to buy: Steak and Cheese Pie

Spycc swears this is the spot to get the best Steak & Cheese pie in Auckland. He must be right, cos we got to Summit Cafe at 11am, and all the steak and cheese pies had already sold out. What the. Mince & Cheese pie it had to be then.

As it happens, the Penny Lane’s bakery right next to Summit Cafe, is the 2011 winner for the Steak, vegetables and gravy pie.

Where: Ollie’s Ice Cream Parlour, 802 Manukau Road / What to Buy: Ice-creams!!

OK, so this is in Royal Oak, but whatevs. This place is a classic. We were lucky to have the owner, Colin Haines, serve us. He told us that he’d opened the shop on Valentines Day in 1973, so Valentines Day in 2013 will be Ollie’s 40th anniversary. He told us that back then, no one gave a shit about Valentines Day, it was just another day, but now it’s one of his busiest days of the year. What’s great about Ollie’s, apart from the obvious, is that the servings are so generous. You’d think that from the picture above we’d ordered a double scoop, but nope, in Ollie’s land, that’s just a single scoop.

Where: Arthur Superette / What to buy:  milk and bread

So I asked Spycc what makes his dairy special, he said it’s cos he can walk to it from his house. That’s a pretty good reason. But check out that lolly selection, pretty dece I reckon.

10 Responses to What’s Good in Your Hood : Spycc’s Onehunga

  1. Talia November 22, 2012 at 9:31 am #

    Yep always get tuna onigri from dressmart when I’m there – I like their bento box too.

  2. Ava Williams November 22, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    Yeah girl. That’s my old diary and the tuna onigiri are SO good. Onehunga rep.

  3. Tai November 22, 2012 at 1:13 pm #

    love the sushi – great refuel during a massive 5 hour shop (true story – nothing big). Repping Pt Chev though 🙂

  4. therarara November 22, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    This is awesome for refueling after a marathon shop. Repping Pt Chev 🙂

  5. Lauren Pain November 22, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    Tuna Onigiri!!! Dressmart Onehunga does it THE BEST, no one compares.

    • lei November 22, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

      SO agree!!! I make special trips just for the tuna onigiri…and then somehow get lost at the bendon outlet…doh!


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